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Thank you Mrs. HAQUET from France

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Click on the word you wish to spell then click on the
letters on the spinning wheel.
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Interesting Links
Orly's web page
Farm Animals
Spelling and drawing
Wild animals puzzle
Using memory
Farm animals
cute song
Identipet- British Council
Insects Pairs
Reptiles & Amphibians
Birds Birds 1 Birds 2
Bugs Bugs puzzle
On youtube:
Magic English

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Orly's web page
Listen and Repeat
Video story
Many songs and videos
On youtube:
Gogo's - I want a jumper
Gogo's - Whose dress is it?
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A song to the marketClick on the orangeMemory GameCards GameLearning platformStudy ZoneMemory puzzle gameHangman "Fruits and vegetables"
On youtube:
Gogo's - What are they?

OrlyStudy ZoneStudy Zone 2A songA Funny SongA Funny Song 2
On youtube:
Gogos - What do you like?

Orly's web page
A Song
Listen and Watch
Learn colors
Memory game
Monster Story
Video Lessons site
Colors description dialogue

On youtube:
Magic English
Gogos - What color is this?

Orly's web page
Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes
The Head
Human body 2
Hoky Poky song
Phi and The Human Body
Words and Pictures
Dancing Body
My Face game
Find the face game
Face maker (flash)
face story
Five Senses
I'm ill
flashcard to download
Human body
Physical Description
height and weight with sound
Body Riddles&music
Interactive Book
Dialogue Video

On youtube:
Magic English
Pumkin video
Body Parts video
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Head, Shoulders song... print


Orly's web page
Learn the numbers
Listen and Repeat
Learn the spelling
Rap Song20-30-40 1-100
Numbers Song by LittleBabyBum

Dialogue Video

On youtube:
Magic English

Weather & Seasons
How's the weather song
ESL Video weather words
How's the weather like today? video.
Listen and Learn
Weather words match
Weather Chat
Weather Report
What should I wear?
What's the weather like?
What's the weather like 2?
winter words
A song
Ali and the magic carpet
On youtube:
Magic English
Magic door video
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Orly's web pagePeople at work songListen and LearnJobs puzzleJobs MatchWhat are they doingHoop Shoot
Find the pairs
Lead the Way
Dialogue Video
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GuiedUsing MemoryMatch (by 365)Match words (by 365)A puzzle (by 365)SongA song by Peter Weatherall
On youtube:
Gogo"s - Have you got a ruler?
Virtual HouseWhich part of the house is it?Visit my housethe houseA story
Listenpage by pageThe HouseThe Garden/The YardThe DoorIndoorsThe Dining RoomThe KitchenThe Kitchen IIThe BedroomThe BathroomThe Bathroom 2The Utility RoomHouses around the worldBook

Days of the week

a song 365More Songs on YoutubePut the days in ordercolors days months gamesHelp TomDate ChartClick on the daysListen and playA funny StoryA nice storyHangmanRoy the Zebra

Orly's web page - months
Months match up
Listen and match
Month Quiz
Roy the Zebra

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Tools for Educators

For Teachers- Activities in class.


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1... food...2... Maze..... Drinks .....A Songlike/don't like with Gogo's .......Gogo's SoupMagic English cooking ...... Dominofood song for small kidsFun Games: 1 2 3 4 5 6.... More GamesFood Gamesמערך שיעור ב� ושא מזון עם סרטו� י וידאו.What's Cooking? A Lesson with a video
Worksheets - Food free here and hereWords used in cooking flash cards
Feelings Game
Transportation: 1

clock Learn the time

Months:months months online months and seasons months song months day song
- Cover and spell great!

Days of the week worksheets
A SongGogos Magic English Barney 1 Poster ESL My family story
Many songs and videos

Family Games

Worksheet - Family
Make a Family Tree

clock_012.gif1 2 3 4 56 7 8 Gogo's Book Maze A gameMagic English Interactive Clock
Tell the time A short Quiz A kids Song
Dialogues worksheets
Transportation worksheets
Places in Town worksheets
Opposites worksheets and ppt
Worksheets by topics

Vocabulary Games
Kids' Pages free worksheets Here from Italy
Games with your words

Football Games

Practice new vocabulary by writing it and listening. You choose the words!

Primary Games

Flash Games at: http://englishflashgames.appspot.com/static/embedcode.html