Interactive White board:
"Interactive whiteboards are used in many schools as replacements for traditional whiteboards or flipcharts. They provide ways to show students any thing which can be presented on a computer's desktop (educational software, web sites, and others). In addition, interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record their instruction and post the material for review by students at a later time. This can be a very effective instructional strategy for students who benefit from repetition, who need to see the material presented again, for students who are absent from school, for struggling learners, and for review for examinations. Brief instructional blocks can be recorded for review by students—they will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher's audio input. This can help transform learning and instruction." (Wikipedia 8/07)
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Smart Board - Class Games

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K-W-L Creator

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Get to know your classmates

flash cards maker


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Study Words - Interactive

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Class Bingo

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ABC word organizer

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Interactive graph

Sketch book Pages to write letters

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Build a Character and write about it.


What's the word?

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Students have either 1 minute or 2 minutes to stack as many of the icecubes in the correct order as possible.

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Letter Reveal

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User name: Orly100

Sound Practive and Reading

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Persuasion Creator
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Popplet Popplet delivers an interactive way to create concept maps, mind maps, and options to brainstorm or storyboard right along with peers. The “popplets” can be constructed, moved, color coded, typed in, drawn in, and have images or videos inserted.
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Manage your classes online with the:


Super teacher tools

Type or paste a text into the box and click ´textivate now ´ button to see the available exercises (gapfills / sentence arrange / paragraph arrange / punctuation / splitting words). Great for exam classes or any other reading-based lessons.



26 teacher tools online assessment.


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is who?
The million pound drop game, an online version of the famous tv show.
To make this game you just have to enter a list of questions and possible answers.
There must be at least four easy questions, three medium level questions and one difficult question. The easy questions have four possible answers, the medium level questions have three possible answers and the difficult question has only two possible answers.
It is also possible to add images or sounds.
And the million pound drop game maker is here

Hangman games. You just have to enter a list of words and it ´s done. If you want, you can also add hints, questions, images or sounds.

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And the hangman game maker is here