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Art for You and Me
Open our sharable GoogleDocs, look for you group's number and write the names of the group members on top (next to the group's number).
external image artforyouanme-qr_clip_image003.gif Search the internet for the following details:

  • Full name
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • job
  • Famous piece of art (song, picture)
  • What is special about that piece of art?
  • What is it about?
  • Add pictures to your summary.
  • Add YouTube videos to your summary.

external image artforyouanme-qr_clip_image003.gif Summarize everything into a short paragraph.
external image artforyouanme-qr_clip_image003.gif Use the information you collected to create a Fakebook profile to your artist. (Include: pictures as links, YouTube videos, posts, comments, friends etc). Make sure to include all the information from your summary into the profile.You should include the URL (link) of your Fakebook profile along with the password to our GoogleDocs.
external image artforyouanme-qr_clip_image003.gifMake a short multiple choice quiz using Google Forms about your artist (5 questions) for the other groups to answer. Add a link to the quiz. external image artforyouanme-qr_clip_image003.gifComment on the other groups' work. Then, go to the Fakebook profile of the other groups and make a comment (use your real name!) on one of the posts, videos, pictures etc.


Thank you Roneet for sharing your nice idea.