My Animal Report

1. Title your work.
Example: All About Snakes.

2. Add a picture of the animal you will be written about.

3. Introduction - Write an intersting opening.
Example: This report will tell you all about the amazing Cobra snake.

4. Appearance - Describe the animals.

5. Behavior- movment, social interactions, how they treat thier young and more.

6. Habitat - Where do the animals live? ocean, forest, desert...?

7. Diet - What do the animals eat? What kind of food...

8. Closing

9. By - Write your own name and date.
10. Add "Animal-Map" to the report.
My Animal Report All About Snakesby: (Your Name)Date:
external image Snake-Illustration-2013.gif

(Opening) Snakes are ........

My report will tell you all about.....

(Appearance) Snakes are long... They have powerful..... to....

(Habitat) Snakes live in the... This place is..... Snakes can survive only where...

(Diet) Snakes sometimes eat.... every.....