Why is platypus strange? ברווזן שטוח הרגלexternal image BlogText.gif
Please watch the video and write your opinons at Orly's Blog 2
Teacher: Before watching the video,Generate ideas and vocabulary that may appear in the text
What are mammals?
Name five mammals... Describe the platypus's appearance... lays egg like a.... has feet like a....lives in a ....like...
a tail likes a...

What did you think of the video?

A Question:
A male Platypus should always be held by its tail. Why?
Do the following worksheet:
An Egg Laying Mammal
external image thumb106161440417340.jpg

Read more information about this special animal and try to fill in the table:

Fill in the table:
Platypus are found...
Platypus digs hole in...
Platypus likes to eat...
*Burrowing = מתחפר