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אורלי חברה בצוות קט"ר (קבוצה לטיפוח רעיונות) עם המפקחת על מחוז תל אביב הגב' רונית זכאי ויחד עם קבוצה של מורים מנסים להוביל לחדשנות במחוז
הקבוצה בפייסבוק:

המכרה - מרחב שיתופי של מחוז תל אביב


I believe that:
~Students are our first priority.

~All students can learn given proper resources, encouragement, and time
~Learning must be at the core of our daily lives to prepare us for citizenship in the 21st Century.

~Learning is life long for all members of our community.
~Students learn in different ways and, therefore, must be provided with opportunities that meet their individual needs.
~The ever changing needs of students require that professional development must be ongoing, based on research, aligned with district goals, and embedded in our daily work.
~The actions of the members of our learning community must provide students with the effective models of citizenship, thereby fostering students who are responsible, accountable, and respectful.
~A safe and caring learning environment is critical for the success of our students.
~Collaboration with and among students, staff, parents, and community is essential for continuous improvement.


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A word about Technology:Technology alone is not going to rehabilitate our lesson plans.However, when used correctly technology can improve our lesson plans and in turn our students' learning experiences.
Richard Byrne's


Schools kill creativity

What is the role of the teacher?
Mike Wesch, a university lecturer, talks about how we can learn differently in the age of the internet. One of the many interesting points he makes is that while our students are often familiar with a wide range of online tools, they have no idea how to use them to construct new meaning and so teachers need to help them with that.

Critical Thinking חשיבה מסדר גבוה בהוראה

students need to be prepared for the multi-cultural, multinational communities
that will be their home in the not-so-distant future. It is we, their educators,
who are responsible to open our class windows to the outside world.