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Compound words external image arrowRIGHT.gifIdioms and SlangHomophone gamesSpelling Beeexternal image arrowRIGHT.gifתחרות איות עולמיתDownload high frequency word lists in sets of 100:
1–100 101–200 201–300 301–400 401–500 501–600 601–700

Word of the day (high level)

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Crossword solver
find as many words as possible which can be made from the letters in the word.....(Israel....or Jerusalem....)
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WordShake - How many words can you find?
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Spelling Games
Test Yourself
בחרו מילים אותם אתם רוצים ללמוד לאיית

On entering the game you can choose the list of words to practice.
You can use the proposed list, or edit it, or get more proposed lists by trying the various buttons on the bottom.
Then click the "Go" button.


The sequence of the game goes like this:
Have a close look at the word given. Then, click the "Cover" button.

A hand will come into the screen and cover the word. Now, Type the word in the white text box, and click
the "Check" button.If you are correct, you will proceed to the next word.

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Start by choosing your category of words:
Food, animals, transportation, around the house or clothes.
. Choose an item to spell and click it, it will be highlighted and read out loud. You can also click the "Pick a word for me" to have the computer pick your word.

Spell your chosen item by clicking the letters on the spinner. When you are done, click the "Submit" button, to recieve feedback.

If you can't get the word spelled right, click the "Show me the word" button to see how it is spelled.
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Spelling For Kids
Spelling For Kids
Space Hangman
Space Hangman

Spelling Ship
Spelling Ship
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צפו בסרטון ואחר כך הרכיבו מילים יחד עם הדמויות
Gus and Linky
Gus and Linky's Underwater Adventures
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external image SnowmanBuilder.jpg
Snowman Builder
Build a family of snowmen as you
review compound words
8 letters in a chearch
8 letters in a chearch
Pirate spelling
Pirate spelling
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Swimming Frogs
Swimming Frogs
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The Monster
The Monster
השתמשו בחצים
השתמשו בחצים

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Look Cover Write Check
Look Cover Write Check
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Spin to Win
Spin to Win
Word Build and Bank
Word Build and Bank

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Word Builder
בחרו אוצר מילים לתרגול

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Quiz Land


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Typing Tidepool
Dictionary Duel
Choose nine letters randomlytry and beat the computer tofinding the longest words you can.� סו למצוא את המילה הכי ארוכהולהביס את המחשב
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Squanky the Tooth Taker
practice synonyms
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  • Look, Cover and Spell- Phonetic family of words to practice. Can change the level from easy to hard.
  • Look, Cover and Spell from Ambleweb - This spelling site has 30 pre-built lists of words, but you can create your own list. Double-click any word on the list and type a word appropriate for your grade level. Your student gets to see the word, then it is covered and they must type the correct spelling.

  • Look, Say, Cover, Type and Check- Type a list of ten spelling words, watch a flash card show, and remember the word and type it.
  • Power Proofreading - Choose 3rd grade and then select Rules for Guestsor any one of the mixed practice exercises.
  • Sand castle Quiz - Build a Sand castle and get to know the common spelling patterns for the following vowels; ow/ou, oy/oi, ar/a/al, oo/u, air/are/ear, or/ore/oar/war, aw/au/augh/al, ir/ur/er, ear/eer/ere, or all phonemes.
  • Scramble-Saurus - If the Scramble-Saurus could spell better, he may not be extinct. See if you can help him out by unscrambling the words. He'll help you out by giving some clues. Many topics and levels to choose from. [New as of 4/1/11]
  • See 'N Spell - Students click and drag letters into the box to spell the words that correspond to the pictures. A very good activity with many skills such as plurals, long vowels, short vowels, blendsand digraphs.
  • Spin and Spell - Click on the word you wish to spell then click on the letters on the spinning wheel. Click submit to check spellings
  • Snowman Builder- Build a family of snowmen as you review four different skills. Select the word below that completes the compound word.
  • Spell words- Magnetic Board - Drag letters to create word.
  • Spellaroo- Click on the misspelled word in the sentences.
  • Spell Check- TCAP format - Select the word that is spelled incorrectly.
  • Spell It!- This site selects a limited number of words from the list of available words and randomly removes letters from them for you to replace. (3rd grade list available)
  • Spell That City! - Choose the correct spelling of US cities. [New as of 4/1/11]
  • Spelling- Put the letters in order to create the word that is said aloud.
  • Spelling - Click on the misspelled word and then correct it - (for different words and spelling activities, check here)
  • Spelling Bees- Build your beehive by spelling the words correctly. Can play by yourself
  • or multi-player games.

בחרו אוצר מילים ושחקו

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**Online Dictation Exercises** -- 200 Dictation Exercises to Practice Writing 2,000 Sentences

אתרים לחברי מועדון

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Miamiopia - Virtual World For Kids
Miamiopia - Virtual World For Kids
What is Miamiopia?
Miamiopia is a virtual world, where children can create characters and then use these characters as they play spelling games, . As children play ,their characters earn "coins". These coins can be used to purchase accessories, such as virtual clothing, jewelry, stickers, and more.
The World of Miamiopia
אתר לחברי מועדון בלבד. הרשמו ע"י בחירת שם וסיסמה
Creat A New הרשמו בעמוד הבא


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