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The dove of peace flies from site to site, through as many Countries as possible, please help us make a line around the globe, by taking it with you too.
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Peace projects with my friend and colleague Marsha Goren.
It is with each of us that peace can begin. There are many conflicts in the world. It is with understanding that the process of peace begins; the valuing of each person; the respect for cultures that are different from our own; the willingness to share our culture while appreciating those that are different.

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With my ESL friend Nicholas Justin from Spain
Teachers from around Europe are invited to participate in a project that will encourage students to learn the English language and portray the importance.

The objective of the exercises would be to help promote peace within the understanding of other cultures , traditions and beliefs the message of how far and how important the English language is communicated might be portrayed and the love of art as an expression can speak loudly. European youth Murals would illustrate students unique cultures and communities or concepts they believe represent friendship or peace. Murals might include flags,landscapes,landmarks,notable citizens-leaders,festivals,holidays,holy days,and native cuisines,clothing,or proverbs. Students might choose to predict their schools, homes or them selves. Students have no limit as far as imaginations.

mural2-2011-1.jpg To join the project click here. murals-5.jpg