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Once a week you will be responsible for bringing in a current event to present to the class. You should choose an article from a newspaper, magazine, or off the Internet that is appropriate to present in class. You will need to bring the graphic organizer (attached to this page) the article, and a brief summary highlighting the main points to class each week. You will be reading the title and the summary of the article in class.
Please try to focus your article choice on topics that are appropriate and relevant to our lives. If you are questioning the appropriateness of a particular article, DON’T use it
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Read and Write

Collaborative storytelling with by Janet

This is an example of how you can get students to create short stories in pairs / groups, and then they type up their creations on a tool such as the
Newspaper Clipping Generator from You can then download / print the stories off to add to the walls of the classroom.