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Thank you so much I am honored

Hi Orly,
It's always a pleasure meeting somebody who lives in a country other than the USA. I really enjoyed visiting your lovely and well designed web site. Being a former elementary school teacher myself, I know how much of your heart and soul goes into teaching children. Congratulations on winning out Heartwarming Site Award.
I wish you and your students a wonderful new school year.
Warmest Regards,
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September 2011
Hello Orly!
While searching the internet for inspiration, it's nice to come across a website that is a gem. Your website is a real treasure, not merely a diamond in the rough! That's why you have been chosen to receive the "Real Treasure Award" from
As a website designer, I know that it takes a lot of hard work to build and maintain a website. That extra commitment to your students and their families should not go unnoticed! Thank you for making a site that is child and family friendly. Your website is original, creative, up to date, easy to navigate, and fun to look at. Most important of all... your website represents you as a teacher and that is something you should be proud of! Thank you for sharing your classroom with us!
Keep up the good work! Your site will be featured on’s "Real Treasures Award Page"
Karen Powell, M.Ed., NBCT
Beatty Elementary School
Las vegas, Nevada
Congratulations Miss Winer

You have won our Great Site Award for all the effort and hard work you have put into providing an exceptional website for your classroom. You may proudly display your award knowing you are making a difference in the lives of those you teach.
What a true pleasure!!!

Great Job!

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